Crown Quadruped sugar and creamer

Quadruped or Chippendale is a pattern copied by Crown Crystal. The original pattern is known as Quadruped and was made by Indiana Glass from 1910. Only two shapes are available: a sugar bowl (catalogue #158) and a creamer (catalogue #157). So, how do we know that these pieces are Crown Crystal and not imported Indiana glass included in the catalogue?

  1. The Indiana pieces appeared in flint, ruby flashed or iridised. The Crown Crystal pieces appear in the classic Crown Crystal colourways citron, two different shades of rosalin, emerald green.
  2. The Crown Crystal pieces appear much later than the Indiana pieces existed.
  3. Crown Crystal replaced the moulds for these pieces in the mid-1930s.
  4. In addition to heavying governments to increase tariffs on imported items, Crown Crystal heavily plagiarised successful patterns to undermine imports. This included at one stage actively ensuring the wording “Made in England” be included on the mould. (The proof for this is in a bundle of over 5000 images, which I have yet to sort through. For the moment, you will have to take my word!)

Therefore if you come across a quadruped piece in a classic Crown Crystal colourway, it’s very likely to be Crown Crystal. If you find one in flint it will be more difficult to tell.

The Crown pieces only appear as sugar and creamer, while Indiana had a full pattern.

Chippendale sugar bowl in citron
Chippendale sugar bowl in citron
Crown Quadruped creamer from above

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