Diamond Arches

Issued in 1929 (most likely) and originally called the 39 series, Diamond Arches is a twin pattern to Waffle and Comb. Garry Workman notes in his pattern sheets that it has been seen in citron, rosalin and flint, but obviously it appears in emerald green (as seen below) and could so could potentially be found in other contemporary post-merger period colours.

It is found in the following shapes:

  • 8″ comport (#3970);
  • 8.5″ salver (cake stand) (#3975);
  • footed covered sweet dish (#3936);
  • 4.5″ round (#3900), triangular (#3903) and square nappies (#3904) (note that these would have come from the same moulds as the round nappies with the sides flattened after being removed from the mould using a cup punty);
  • 8.5″ salad in round (#3920), triangular (#3923) and square (#3924) shapes;
  • covered sugar bowl (#3935);
  • covered butter dish (with three handles) (#3940);
  • 6.5″ salver ???
  • one handled sweet dish available with and without a lid (#3937A)
  • footed, covered sweet dish (#3936A);
  • 1pt and 2pt (#3960) jugs;
  • cream jug (also #3960); and
  • tumbler (#3967).

Note that some items which clearly came from different moulds, because they were different sizes, have the same catalogue numbers, while other items which came from the same moulds have slightly different catalogue numbers, depending on the finish.

Reference: G. and M. Workman, Australian Glass Pattern Sheets, Original catalogues.

4.5″ triangular nappy (#3903), viewed from above. The original mould for this dish was round. The piece would have been removed from the mould using a cup-shaped punty—a glass or metal rod with a cup-shaped end that is stuck to the base of the soft metal (glass). The blower would have created the triangle (or square) shape with simple hot working after demoulding. The punty was then snapped off, and the piece would be annealed in a kiln, and then finished with a course polish of the base.
Cream jug (#3960) in emerald green. 3.5″ tall
Cream jug in emeral green, profile
9″ comport (#3970) in citron, from above
9″ comport (#3970), from the side.
9″ square salad, from above (#3924)
9″ square salad, profile (#3924)
2pt diamond arches pitcher. 7″ tall, #3960Diamond Arches tumblers in citron and rosalin (#3967)
One handled sweet and cover in rosalin. #3937

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