Good Luck

Good Luck or Horse Shoe is a pattern which has not been found in the catalogues and therefore is treated with a degree of scepticism in the collecting community.

There is fairly convincing evidence that it was made by Crown Crystal and falls into the post-merger, for the following reasons: It appears in characteristic colours such as citron, emerald green and rosalin, the emerald green being most characteristic. The pieces have a similar shape range to known patterns such as Diamond Arches and moreover have the post-mould treatment to work the pieces into triangular and square shapes. The pieces are found predominantly in Australia.

This does not comprise proof, but for the moment counts as extremely good evidence that these are indeed Crown pieces.

Because these do not appear in any known catalogues, the numbers are not included. (Obviously.)

Good Luck sandwich dish in citron
Good Luck triangular nappy in citron


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