Leaf Panels

Issued in 1927 and made until the mid-1930s, Leaf Panels (54 Series) was a sister pattern to the Rosette pattern. Like Rosette, it is found in flint (clear glass), the vibrant pastel blue and pastel green, but not in the duller lettuce green colour.

It was made in a wider variety of shapes than Rosette, including the following:

  • 8.5″ and 7.5″ comport (both No. 5470);
  • 7.5″  and 9″  salvers (cake stands) (both apparently No.  5475);
  • 7.5″ low comport (found with plain and crimped (No. 5471) edges);
  • 8″ vase (No. 5484);
  • 8.5″ round salad bowl (No. 5420);
  • open and covered sugars of two difference 2-handled styles (the smaller is No. 5432, lid No. 5433, the larger sugar bowl is No. 5435), 9″ sandwich tray (No. 5417);
  • cream jug (No. 5460);
  • rose bowl (No. 5486);
  • 2-handled covered butter dish (No. 5440);
  • 4.5″ nappy (No. 5400);
  • covered marmalade (No. 5456);
  • tumbler (No. 5467);
  • 2-handled covered jam dish (No. 5450);
  • 2-handled sweet dish (No. 5441);
  • 5.5″, 6.5″, 7.5″ and 8.5″ dishes (all No. 5410); and
  • 1.5 pint large jug (No. 5460).
8" vase in pastel blue
8″ vase (#5484) in pastel blue, viewed from above
8" vase in pastel blue
8″ vase (no 5484) in pastel blue 
Leaf Panels Covered Butter
2-handled covered butter (#5440). Note the depth of the lid. Also note the finial at the top. Watch for damaged items with the finial broken off as this is a weak point and can be missed even by careful dealers.
Leaf Panels Sandwich Tray
9″ sandwich tray (#5417) in pastel blue. These items are finished with a beautifully polished base. At best these are mirror polished, but will inevitably develop scratches. If you come across one with a perfectly finish, make sure you don’t place it directly on a glass surface which will eventually scratch the polish.
Leaf Panels Low Comport
7.5″ low comport with plain edge (#5470). Comports are cup shaped, while salvers were flat. 

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