Waffle and Comb

According to Gary Workman’s pattern sheets, the year of issue of Waffle and Comb was 1929. It’s interesting (to me, anyway) that the number of cells in the “waffle” section changes between pieces, which is indicative of a slightly improvisational aspect to the mould-making. This is also evident throughout the post-merger glass in a hand-made feel to the glass, a result of what Marjorie Graham described as “runny metal”. The pieces are thick and robust and often appear with waves, slumps, variations of thickness and other evidence of having been unmoulded while still slightly liquid.

Waffle and Comb is a sister pattern of Diamond Arches and available in a similarly large number of shapes, including many worked into the square and triangular shapes.

Gary Workman lists the following shapes: 4″ nappy in round, triangular and square, 8″ round, triangular and square salad, 8.5″ cupped (rounded) salad, 8.5″ oval dish, 9.5″ footed fruit bowl, a covered 3-handled sugar bowl, covered butter dish, 4″ and 5.5″ 3 handled-sweet dish, a sauce or cream jug, 1 pint jug, 8.5″ and 9.5″ comports and 8.5 and 10″ salvers.

Workman notes the following colours in his pattern sheets: citron, rosalin (pink), flint (clear) and emerald green.

10" Waffle and Comb salver in citron
10″ Waffle and Comb salver in citron (#4075 – same number covers 8.5″ salvers)
10" Waffle and Comb salver in citron, from above
10″ Waffle and Comb salver in citron (#4075), from above
Waffle and Comb 1 pt jug (#4060) in citron
Waffle and Comb 1pt jug (#4060) from above
8″ round dish (#4010) in citron, profile
9.5″ footed fruit bowl (#4028) in a very pale green citron, which seems to be a variation on citron and not the pastel green.


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